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Concert Choir

Concert choir

Concert Choir is the un-auditioned, mixed choir where most singers will start their music studies at Foxborough High School. The class meets daily, for one academic credit per year. Every day in Concert Choir members work on vocal technique, improve their ability to read and sight-sing music notation, and perform choral repertoire that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Anyone who wants to be part of an exciting community of music-makers is welcome in Concert Choir. This includes students who sang in middle school choir, 11th or 12th grade instrumentalists who want to pursue voice to improve their overall musicianship, and those who wish to join a music ensemble for the first time in high school.

Concert Choir was newly introduced in the 2011-2012 school year. In its first year the group's schedule includes performances at the Holiday Concert, Spring Concert, Choral Palooza, Pops, and the Tri-County Choral Festival. The group has 30 members in grades 9-12, and also performs frequently with the FHS Chamber Singers in a Combined Choir format. Concert Choir members may audition for A Cappella Choir as well as Jazz Choir.