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FHS Logo/Emblem Committee

March 5, 2024

Dear Foxborough Community,

We are writing to inform you that the Foxborough High School Emblem/Logo Committee has begun its work to research, imagine, and propose a new “Foxboro Warriors” emblem/logo for Foxborough High School.  Our goal is to create an inclusive process where all FHS stakeholders can provide input and help inform this committee’s decision-making process. We pledge to be transparent about how we will be approaching our work, and we will promptly communicate the decisions made by the committee to the school community and post copies of them on this website.

How We Got Here

The FHS Emblem/Logo Committee was formed as a result of the following motions adopted by the Foxborough School Committee in their October 3, 2023, meeting.

  • Move for the Foxborough School Committee to affirm the use of the nickname/moniker WARRIORS to describe Foxborough High School’s students, clubs, activities, groups, and teams. (Adopted 5-0)
  • Move for the Foxborough School Committee to direct all schools and school entities to phase out the use of Native American/indigenous people pictures/representations and/or iconography as mascots, emblems, and logos, etc. Consequently, Foxborough Public Schools will no longer purchase, commission, or accept gifts for school-related use by any club, activity, group, or team with Native American/indigenous person pictures/representations and/or iconography. Current logos, pictures, and /or iconography currently in use, on FPS property or displayed will be disbanded and/or replaced based on its useful life and/or replacement schedule. (Adopted 3-1-1)
  • Move for the Foxborough School Committee to direct school administration to form a committee for the purposes of researching, imagining, and then proposing a new official mascot, emblem, and/or logos for School Committee approval. The make up of this committee will comprise a range of students, parents, FPS faculty, staff, administration, and coaches. The committee shall complete their work by the August 2024. (Adopted 4-1-0).

The Foxborough School Committee made these decisions after a series of discussions at School Committee meetings and a public forum in September of 2023.  Many current FHS students participated in this debate by attending or speaking at either the School Committee meetings or the forum.

Moving Forward

As we begin our work, the FHS Emblem/Logo Committee is mindful that many community members did not support the School Committee’s decision to move away from our previous Warrior emblem/logo.  Further, we understand that the debate over this decision became very polarized and divisive within our Foxborough community.  We are aware that there remains, for some, very complex feelings about the tenor of the debate, how members of our community were treated during the process, and a sense of loss by those who felt a deep connection to the previous emblem/logo. 

In closing, we encourage all members of our school community to take advantage of these opportunities for input and be open to the ways this process may help us move forward together.


The Foxborough High School Emblem/Logo Committee