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School Council (1)

Who makes up the School Council?

The School Council consists of the principal, parent representatives, members of the teaching staff, students and a community representative. According to the Education Reform Act, parents "shall have parity with professional personnel on the school council." Regardless of the size of the council, the number of parent representatives must be equal to the number of teachers who serve on the council plus the principal.

How are members to be selected?

The law provides local leeway in the election process. It does, however, affirm the principle of peer selection:

  • Parent members are solicited via the school newsletter. An election via paper ballot is held if more than one candidate wishes to serve.
  • Teacher members are to be selected by the teachers in the school.
  • Student representatives are nominated or can nominate themselves to serve on the council. If an election is required in a grade, that particular class will elect on candidate. If more than two classes have representatives, the principal will select the two candidates. By extension, the spirit of the legislation and the experience of good practice suggest that student council elections or other representative processes be used to select the student members.
  • A representative from the community is proposed by council members and upon agreement, asked to serve on the council. Community members may be recruited by principals directly or selected by the organization that is invited to send representatives to the council.
  • Each member may serve up to a maximum of a three-year term.

What is a School Council?

A school council is a representative, school building-based committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students, required to be established by each school pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C.

The mission of the school council is to share ideas and resources and to shape the direction the school will take to strengthen teaching and learning. Council meetings are open to all parents/guardians of Foxborough High School students.

The School Council develops a School Improvement Plan and works toward implementing the goals established in it.

What is the main areas of responsibility for school councils?

The law outlines four major areas of responsibility for councils. School councils are to assist principals in:

  • Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards.
  • Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school.
  • Reviewing the annual school building budget.
  • Formulating a school improvement plan.