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Special Education


  • Mr. Corey Mikolazyk, M.Ed., CAGS
    Igo Elementary School
  • [email protected]

High School Department Head

High School Special Education Faculty

Education Assistants

Academic Lab

Partnership for Academic and Vocational Excellence

Foxborough High School's PAVE program prepares students for life after school which may include one or more of the following: continued post-secondary education, employment, and/or independent living. The PAVE program is a substantially separate classroom serving IDEA eligible students with intensive and high levels of need in the areas of functional academics, living skills, social skills and vocational skills. Appropriate therapies are delivered in the areas of speech/language, physical and occupational therapy. The PAVE program serves students who most often require Extended School Year programming. Students within the PAVE program are most often assessed through the MCAS- Alternate Assessment. This assessment consists of a portfolio containing documentation (work samples, instructional data, video and other supporting information and materials) of each student's knowledge of key concepts and skills as outlined in the MA Curriculum Frameworks. Based on each student's individualized educational program, when appropriate, students participate in the MCAS with accommodations. Along with daily academics in all content areas, students are involved in a variety of vocational skills training, within the school and community settings.



  • Grades: 9 - 12

The Therapeutic Program

  • Grades: 9-12 and through completion of graduation requirements

Foxborough High School's Therapeutic Program provides a supportive environment to meet the needs of students who are IDEA eligible and present with a high level of need. Students in this program are most often at risk due to social-emotional, health, and/or specific learning disabilities. The Therapeutic Program is a substantially separate classroom serving students who are struggling or unable to attend mainstream classes. When ready, students are encouraged to reintegrate into mainstream classes.

School Psychologist

Social Worker

Speech-Language Pathologist