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Gay/Straight Alliance

Foxborough High School's GSA is a student run support group, with an advisor, that provides students with a place to meet and talk about issues related to sexual orientation. Our goal is to help change the climate of Foxborough High School and make it safer for all students. Through our activities, we hope to help reduce anti-gay violence, harassment, and discrimination by educating the school community about homophobia and by encouraging a better understanding from students and personnel.

Rachel Barrett
[email protected]

Activities / Goals

The GSA provides a safe and informal place where students can:

  • Talk about their feelings and experiences.
  • Learn about homophobia and how it affects everyone.
  • Educate each other and the school community about issues relating to sexual orientation.
  • Have fun by taking part in GSA run activities.

The goals of the GSA are to:

  • provide safe places for gay, lesbian and heterosexual students to meet in school.
  • offer opportunities to learn and teach about the challenges surrounding sexual orientation.
  • build community spirit, mutual understanding and support among gay and lesbian students and their friends.