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Connective Tissue

Connective Proper: Areolar Connective Proper: Areolar

Fibers: collagen, elastic, reticular
Cell Types: fibroblasts, macrophages, mast cells, some white blood cells
Function: wraps and cushions organs; play role in immunity, freedom of movement
Location: under epithelia of body, surrounds organs/capillaries.
Connective Proper: Adipose Connective Proper: Adipose

Fibers: hardly visible due to sparse matrix
Cell Types: fat cells
Function: provides food storage; supports and protects; insulates against heat loss
Location: under skin, mammary glands (breasts), bones
Connective Proper: Reticular Connective Proper: Reticular

Fibers: network of reticular fibers
Cell Types: reticular cells are predominant
Function: fibers form a soft internal skeleton
Connective Proper: Dense Regular (tendon) Connective Proper: Dense Regular (tendon)

Fibers: parallel collagen fibers
Cell Types: fibroblasts
Function: attaches muscles to bones or to other muscles; attaches bones to bones; withstands stress, *tensile strength
Location: tendons, most ligaments
Connective Proper: Dense Irregular (skin) Connective Proper: Dense Irregular (skin)

Fibers: irregular collagen fibers
Cell Types: fibroblasts
Function: withstand tension, *structural strength
Location: dermis of skin, organs, joints
Bone Fibers Bone

Fibers: collagen fibers
Cell Types: osteocytes
Function: supports and protects, storage of fat, calcium, red and white blood cells
Location: bones
Cartilage: Hyaline Cartilage: Hyaline

Fibers: collagen fibers
Cell Types: chondroblasts, chondrocytes
Function: support; resists stres
Cartilage: Elastic Cartilage: Elastic

Fibers: elastic fibers and some collagen
Cell Types: chondroblasts, chondrocytes
Function: maintains shape while allowing flexibility
Cartilage: Fibrous Cartilage: Fibrous

Fibers: thick collagen fibers
Cell Types: chondrocytes
Function: tensile strength, absorbs shock